100 Word Challenge Week #13

On a cold winter night me, Mark, and Tyler. Decided to stay up till  Santa comes What happened next shocked me. It was around 12:00 and we started eating snacks. "When is he coming Mark groaned". Be patient I said. He will be here none of us are on the naughty list Tyler says reassuringly.Yeah right! Mark exclaims.THUD! a noise came from the roof. He's here I say. then everything went dark.When I woke up we were tied up the others tried to escape but they were exhausted.This guy came he was santa but different.Then he took Mark HELP!!!

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

I was on a mission to stop a curse where an army of monsters will come to earth.The curse was if I ever say evil creatures would come.A curse I got for eating a forbidden plum.I had a crew an elf, pirate, thief,ogre, and a wolf.We were off.We set sail on a pirate ship.We sailed for two days.Finally we were there. The area where the ghouls appeared.Our goal was to touch the leader to end it.We did but I seemed to be going backwards to my home finally It's over phew!